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Reviews for "Riddle Transfer 2"

hello Jonbro this is the best game i have ever played probably ever! you are one of the best game developer of this time i cried at the end and every game needs an emotional part in it so thank you for making this i thought the cliff hanger in riddle transfer 1 and it would never be continued but here it is thank you for all of the content you have made it is very good and since i said this is the best game ever you get a favorite from me and 5 stars for this game thanks for making and ending this series exactly 10 years later from when it came up so thank you for everything!

i really cant belive you made an other 1 pls just pls make more !!!!!

Perfect. I loved the ending (I'll admit it made me want to cry). That there won't be anymore Riddle games is a bit sad, but given how this wraps up everything and has such a nice emotional sendoff, I'm not disappointed. This is a great way to end the story.

All praise and love, JonBro.

You know I really was waiting for this and now I get to play it! I know! What if Phil and all his friends made a team to escape school together? That is my idea for Riddle School 8/Riddle Transfer 3!

The 2012 Easter egg still cracks me up even to this day. 10/10