Reviews for "Riddle Transfer 2"

can you add a walkthrough?

Amazing end to an amazing series. I'm glad that they got a happy ending and it really is like they're your children so you want them to be happy. Thank you for making this and glad you got some insight :) Wish you the best with what you're doing~

A wonderful end to the series. A huge twist, a good plot, all in all wonderful, like the rest of the games, with even better graphics.
P.S. I ship Phil and Smiley

The greatest thing is that Phil has a mouth---

I really like this game I even deduced something about Diz... tell me if I'm wrong: (Spoiler Alert)
I think Diz only helped Phil because he knows that he will defeat Viz in order to takeover the Vizion project, because he dosen't want to judge planets he wants to destroy them but he really didn't anticipated that Viz will find him a traitor but then again he actually wanted to be found out (which is better is up to you.) But he really can't predict is area 5.1 where his mind is beaing read only to be saved by Phil he saw a chance and leaves Phil and his friends to die. (Unfortunately they escaped.)

To prove of his race superiority over other Races in the entire galaxy.

Like I said correct me if I'm wrong.