Reviews for "Oh Chapel"

I haven't seen such a inspiring story for a long time! Narration was very good and music is relaxing. I thought my screen was dirty when I played the game because of darkned screen.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks :)

Thats a pretty clever narration,
Giving the game such a atmosphere, it gave me some small goosebumps,
What I understood of the actual history were:
"5 Teenagers born onto some cultistic community, grew up as being limited from life, they grew bored and angry at the adults, with their wars, fights, hopes, and false dreams, just excuses to hurt others, then they had a idea, lets burn their world like they did to us, lets make they suffer to what 'em made to everyone, lets burn the Chapel"
5/5 I loved those dark historys, if I got the wrong idea, please correct me...
Keep doing the good work o(~)o

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! That's pretty much it! The burning of the chapel is kind of a metaphor for abandoning their faith

I like this, its somehow sad

It's simple yet somewhat very enjoyable. The narration's amazing and somewhat sad, I really enjoyed it :)

I wish i could give this game more than 5 stars.