Reviews for "Oh Chapel"

The person who is telling the story has a good way of expressing their sorrow and angst. Truly, if the creator and them are the same person, to be able to walk away from something like that must have been hard. It's always hard to walk away when the people you like are doing something bad, but if you couldn't trust them, if they had forced you, could you have really lived with yourself? Honestly, I don't think so. I glad a metaphor, was enough. god bless, peace.

JackAstral responds:

- )

I really liked your short game, but the cheracter is slow, and the animation are jerky. I know this is not really important in that king of game, but it would have been nice to fully enjoy your work.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! I think the game still has some lag issues, so I'll make sure to look into those ASAP

Thats a pretty clever narration,
Giving the game such a atmosphere, it gave me some small goosebumps,
What I understood of the actual history were:
"5 Teenagers born onto some cultistic community, grew up as being limited from life, they grew bored and angry at the adults, with their wars, fights, hopes, and false dreams, just excuses to hurt others, then they had a idea, lets burn their world like they did to us, lets make they suffer to what 'em made to everyone, lets burn the Chapel"
5/5 I loved those dark historys, if I got the wrong idea, please correct me...
Keep doing the good work o(~)o

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! That's pretty much it! The burning of the chapel is kind of a metaphor for abandoning their faith

Not bad, although the story was a little to follow at first I quickly picked up on it. the medal does work and I earned it. You should make more projects like this because they really make you think.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! One of my next projects is called Castle of Glass, which explores ideas about the after life

I do like these contemplative shorts of yours. The narration was nicely done, and the script both cryptic and poetic, a wisp of spirituality, but the meaning vague and fleeting, open to interpretations of your own. The movement was a bit hacky for me, which I'm not sure it should've been? Feels like that might've been lag, since it lagged a bunch while ridding the way of obstacles and clicking around. Would've been nice with the 'toggle quality' option on the menu (or a shortcut key for it). Overall though, a nice little gem!


JackAstral responds:

Thanks, that means a lot. I'll add in a quality toggle in the next patch :-)