Reviews for "The Undertakers Daughter instrumental"

Great music here! Tells a story really well. Reminds me of the White Knight Chronicles for PS3. I can hear and see this epic journey playing out. From a frozen mountain top to a lush forest. Through a scorching desert and across an ocean. Laughter and crying are in equal measure as the heroes make their way. The story ends with the main hero, old and gray now, telling his grandchildren this story in front of a hearth.

Excellent song. No more words. 5/5. One of the best songs I've ever heard :D

This is probably one of the best songs in all of NG. I've heard quite a few hard-hitting electronic songs out there, and this is really nice to get away from just those songs. This is so full of emotion and my favorite part is definitely 3:10 and the similar sections. I can't really describe the feeling I get when I listen to this, so I'll just say I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

A beautiful song, which accurately uses antique/classical (maybe Old English) styles for the melody/harmony. If I was walking through fields in the countryside, this song would be perfect for that scenario. Or in a movie where the main character is moving through a meadow or the countryside as part of the plot.
I would love this song even more if you asked a young lady with a beautiful voice to sing the lyrics according to how you originally planned it. Since having a human being sing the lyrics will certainly be better than a computer program doing it for you.

So much different than trump wall ;)

But so good