Reviews for "The Undertakers Daughter instrumental"

I like it, but for me it's like a lullaby. Every time I attempt to beat Lonely Travel, I end up napping halfway through xD. Probably the best Instrumental music I have heard on Newgrounds, and definitely worthy of a five star rating. The only problem I have whatsoever is that for the most part, it keeps the exact same melody and just alternates between instruments and volume. But that is my only complaint, and it's a small one compared with the perfection of the song. Bravo Steampianist!

This is just awesome. Not much more to say. Good job.

AMAZING SONG!!!! 10/10

So beautiful and smooth like the instruments and I would rate this 10/10 of peacefulness

Dude,this is such a cool song,along with the piano,The music would be good for a melancholic boss fight were you have to kill a possessed friend.
So very good mang.