Reviews for "POOPER DELUXE"

The theme is childish.

I like the main theme but it gets interrupted by the constant farting noises which ruins it.

Art is ok.

The second game I died more or less instantly because I wasn't sure how to keep my guy in the air and there were no hints or instructions. And I wasn't about to induce carpal tunnel syndrome by replaying the game and hammering keys to get through part one again.

You criticized another reviewer for not telling you how to improve it.

That wasn't his job nor is it mine.

I'm only telling you what I don't like about it. You're the creator.

rhys510 responds:

thanks for the comment but i was only saying it would be helpful next time - no intend to offend anyone :)

It's not a badly-made game, but the premise is tired. The audience would suit 10 year olds and no older.

rhys510 responds:

Thanks for the honest review :)
try help me to understand how to improve it next time though please

This game is easy lol! I could have gone for ever, but I decided to stop after going over 100,000... There's a trick guys. I won't tell you until someone passes me. ;) 1st in the world :)

rhys510 responds:

I`d rather you send me a PM but i have a feeling that wont happen XD

This is beautiful.

rhys510 responds:

thanks a lot! :)

Not bad

also yuy 13th place on NG

rhys510 responds: