Reviews for "Mario's Final RPG Ep.2"

cool game

This was amazing, I'm so sorry about taking so long for me to get around to playing it. References galore, nice secrets, HAVING ONE OF THE KOOPALINGS AS A PARTNER, this is fantastic. Now of course it has a few graphical issues and bugs such as if when you play as paraplonk if you try to move backwards as soon as you enter the room full of minions it softlocks and you can't continue, BUT if you're not trying to find bugs and such, there's no giant problem. Overall a great game, but it still has it's bumps, I'll be waiting for the next installment with great pleasure knowing it'll be great.

I like the game and those who haven't played the first episodes.. well it's only fair you should tell them what the password is to the magical laptop is.

Honestly, I'm impressed.

You managed to improve from the 1st episode in every single way. That alone makes me want to continue playing the series. The combat was more fleshed out, more walking and less just pressing space (although, it is a little too linear still), better music choices, better story writing, and more no rules made just to be broken.

My only complaint is that some of these medals you can only get from repeat playthroughs. Like the never get hit one. Enemies have varied attack patterns that you can't tell what they are without just pure memorization. You have to play, memorize, then play again and know when to dodge and when not to.

Other than that, great job.

MetaMike responds:

Thanks for the reviews on both titles ! Any remaining problems with this episode will definitely be flushed out in episode 3. Especially the dodge indicator of what type of moves the enemy is about to execute, I understand the Bowser fight can be a bit unfair and unpredictable. looking forward to your feedback when ep.3 rolls around.

-casually walks over the crack that mario made- honestly, you should be able to jump as well as move up and down.