Reviews for "Mario's Final RPG Ep.2"

Where do I enter the Bonus Content password?

MetaMike responds:

in episode 3

Good game, my biggest issues with it currently is several of the reaction times on the buttons seem to be lagged, the multibounce is basically on point with contact of them while hammer defending needs to be done about half a second early or it's missed timing. Also in any Mario rpgs there's usually a visably noticable queue for when an enemy is faking you out but Bowsers spiky shell did not seem to give any notice when he planned to jump. Food for thought.

MetaMike responds:

Yeah I was actually pretty angry that I missed that, I forgot that there is usually a queue that goes off in the games but unfortunately my laptop broke down before I can add those changes, when I get a new pc or laptop i'll definitely fix that and try to work on the timing, thanks for the review.

this is a good game you did a good job! not like the episode 1 it is not good so
this game is great and iam exited for the third episode!

Good to see a second installment and, as befitting of a sequel, it offers more content than the original and is a noticeable improvement over it as well.

My only suggestion for episode 3 is to make it so, just like with the "Bowser explaining his plan" scene, you have the option to skip every scene (maybe unlockable once you've gone through the game/movie once) with the Enter button so you can go straight to the gameplay. Mainly saying this for the sake of hastening the process of getting medals that require you to take no hits and do perfect hits only during battles.

Aside from that, a minor gripe of mine is that Larry's fireball move objectively is superior to his Shell Spin attack as it deals more damage (3 instead of 2) and requires no usage of an attack meter which can fuck over your attempt of "perfect hits" only . Since it always uses the same button mashing order (NO objections there hahaha), it's easy to "master" once you've done it, well, once.

Best Mario game on newgrounds 11/10!