Reviews for "ABC Animal"

Pretty easy game..nice little challenge.

This was pretty nice. Good job.

Nice game, but you should add a note about what "spanish" version are you using.

"Pig" is "Cerdo" in spanish. You used "Chancho", which is a chilean expression for the same word.

Munguia responds:

im using Spanish Spanish, Cerdo, Chancho, Puerco, Marrano, Chochino, are synonyms in Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Guatemala...like english, Pig, Pork, Hog, Piggie, Swine, in other words, other words can mean the same word

literally free medals :D

Cool game to learn some Spanish, I wish there were more educational games like this. This allows to spend time earning internet achievements with some real world benefit at the same time.