Reviews for "ABC Animal"

Its a cute game that you made for your kid so thats cool.

There is a bug (and I see other people mentioned it previously) where it asks you a few times for the same question. It happened with me three times in row for Zebra.

very cool. I got 'b' for Buzzard wrong tho

As usual your art is fabulous. I love how the animals are represented in your personal way (like your scary rabbit, mouse with bird feet...) and how we still easily recognize them. eg: your fish! Nothing in the lines actually suggests a fish, but we sure recognize it :) GJ!

btw, I think the X and Y should be inverted in the gallery?

Same here with the duplicating of letters. It seems to happen if you try to jet your way thru it.
Despite that little hiccup, I thought that it was really good. Great for kids. Got confused on a few of the pictures, but made it thru none the less.
Yea, I gotta say that I've never heard of a Quetzal either.
However, thanks to a commercial, I HAVE heard of a Narwal. Lol. That's a catchy little song there.

Nice idea, but there is a glitch.

Sometimes the Letters come again. I've got 31 Points in english mode, and thats not right, wehen you took the Numbers of the alphabet as the maximum Points to achive!