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Reviews for "ABC Animal"

Well, this was a good try but the art was terribly lack luster, the audio had microphone sounds in it for one of the effects on the main screen, it would have been better to go with a single forest sound track instead of using two effects. It was hard to tell what name you were going for at first with some of the animals on english. So, again a good try, but it needs a lot of wook to be a good game.

This is great for little ones! I tried it out with a few kids of varying ages, and across the board they only had one complaint: the font size and style is a little small and too stylistic for some just learning how to read. Not the hand-drawn letters on the right side, but the animal name that appears when you click the correct answer. A larger and simpler font would have made this perfect.

Great job!

Nice game, but you should add a note about what "spanish" version are you using.

"Pig" is "Cerdo" in spanish. You used "Chancho", which is a chilean expression for the same word.

Munguia responds:

im using Spanish Spanish, Cerdo, Chancho, Puerco, Marrano, Chochino, are synonyms in Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Guatemala...like english, Pig, Pork, Hog, Piggie, Swine, in other words, other words can mean the same word

This was pretty nice. Good job.

Pretty easy game..nice little challenge.