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Reviews for "Vampire Pixel in the Neon City"

Not a whole lot is set up in the way of personalities or relationships or how the universe works... and with a name like "vampire pixels" you'd expect them to be... like... vampiric, or pixelated... idk it felt like there was a lot of context missing. "job half done" and all that.
Still, the animation is very good and the voice-acting is excellent.

The colors and animation are great, but the writing not so much.

animation was great, story tell and plot....meh...

Before reading this, I warn you that I may sound kinda harsh in my review. I don't mean anything behind it, I just wanna be as constructive as possible.

I think the biggest strength in the animation is the color scheme. It has such a distinct style and it very good to look at. I appreciate how certain colors were used to emphasis a character or emotion, which shows great attention to detail. The designs are also very distinct and inventive, and represents each character perfectly. I can totally get an idea of who the are based on appearance. If I were shown an image of Veetoo without knowing anything about her history, I would immediately identify her as a bright and cutesy character. Some designs do go into cliched territory for certain physical traits, but they were give such a unique quality that it's easily forgiven. The backgrounds are very nice to look at and has a futuristic touch while also having a consistent angular edge to it.

The actual animation is where things get a little messy. I do feel that the character animation is very nicely executed for the most part. Their is a significant amount of weight to each character when their moving. When Viara lands on the stage, I could feel the impact of that landing, and I also give kudos to paying attention to the size of characters to affect the weight even further. However, some of the pacing of the animation could get a bit awkward, like their would be a long silence when it should be going to the next shot. A lot of the facial expressions got a bit static in movement, especially with the gang leader, who seems like he keeps the same expression on the whole time with only a couple squashes to help move it. I also feel the actions scenes were sloppily handled. The gun action was fine, but the physical battles lacked any flair and felt stiff. It also got very confusing around the scene where Viara jumped out the building. It felt like she just suddenly teleported to the air without any indication that she jumped. Their was definitely effort put into the animation, but certain elements just felt sloppily put together.

On a storytelling level, their are certain element that intrigue me to see more episodes. The setting could offer some interesting ideas for plots. The idea of the mobsters and the titular team wanting to track down these ghost creatures is also attention grabbing just to see what their backstory is. But I don't think theirs anything that stands out in the story department. It feels like the same type of hero vs villain story, where the villains want a certain mcguffin and the heroes want it back, and while what the want is interesting, the idea around it is kinda bland. None of the characters really stand out as well developed, which is something that should never be done in a pilot, where you need to give us a basic understanding of the characters, and much like the story, feels very stock. The way they were introduced was also kinda cliche, and felt kinda corny with them directly stating their name after a big entrance. I don't know if that's the intention, but this series seems like the type that is mean't to be taken somewhat seriously, and those beats can make the tone feel awkward. I did get a couple chuckles from the humorous elements, but nothing too special. I think you could have done more than the strong tough guy trope, or the cutesy character that gets on other peoples nerves. Some of them do seem like they would have interesting backstories and development if the series goes on, but at their current state, they really need some fine tuning.

The voice acting was very stellar, and they all did a good job at adding emotion and fun to these characters despite the iffy personalities. I especially appreciate Bindy Coda's acting, as she captured the kinda spunky yet strong leader character in a way that felt natural. I did notice some mic quality differences, like Mick Lauer's sound quality did stick out in the beginning, but it's nothing too major and is reasonable as most of them would probably be recording in their own separate locations. The music was also pretty great as it fit the techno style and had a very good understanding of the tone, though nothing really stood out besides the fight theme. The sound was very good, although I noticed places where sound may have been missing, like Vexter landing on the leaders head felt a bit jarring.

Overall, I can totally see this becoming a series, as their are plenty of elements set up that could be good to watch in future episodes, but aside from the designs, color schemes, and aspects of the animation, nothing really stands out so far to make it a unique series on its own. It feels like every other group based action series I've seen, and I don't think you added much to story or characters that really made it feel fresh. The sounds and music are nice, but like I said, they don't stand out from the rest of the sci fi scores or effects, although the acting was superb. It you can fix up the writing and add more depth to the world and people, we may see a very great series, but as is, its a very beautiful looking short with very little to offer besides that.

If I could give it a rating, I would say a 6/10 would be the best I could offer, and Its mostly that high based on the unique art style and voice work.

Kreid responds:

Hey thanks a lot for this, it didn't sound harsh at all, I honestly appreciate the feedback! I totally get that a lot of people have issues with the writing, this is my first toon of my own that I've made in a few years so I played it a bit safe but I can totally see the faults people have with it, I wanted to set things up to be explained in later episodes without making it an 8 minute long, slow paced mess (pacing has always been a problem for me).
As far as the animation goes, this has been an on and off project over a few months now after work, I've had to take hiatuses for a few projects so it's been taking a while to get to grips with how the characters worked, hopefully now that I have one episode down I have a pretty good feel for them and can improve the animation next time round.
I'm glad you liked the colours by the way! My older work used to be really dull and muted so I wanted to break out of that for this project, happy that was one of the strong points!
Anyways thanks a lot for the meaty review, really helps me out in the long run and hopefully I'll see you for more!

Great potential but just not my type of series.

Best of luck in making this bigger and better.

Kreid responds:

Thanks for being fair on it either way!