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Reviews for "You Are Slime!"

Interesting concept.
Controls are a bit difficult and movement seems really floaty and unpredictable
Maybe arrow keys and some momentum?
Music works well.

Fun, just tricky to play

megakruts responds:

Thank you for your review - well i thought arrows would be to easy, so i used mouse concept, but doesn't seem that it works right.

Interesting game, but i got bored after a few levels.
I think its the lack of content or variety, you can add more stuff in each level and change the layout to make it more interesting. Without furthering away from the core of the gameplay, which is, dont get killed by the dudes?
I actually was kinda nervous at the beginning until i noticed that they are always in the same place.
I think the game can go Two different ways, like i mentioned above, or the same thing you did here, with the limited view, but with a huge one level.
Pretty interesting tho!

kinda annoying to hold the moust button to move, also vithout map its pretty frustrating and unenjoyable, the music also isnt very good and last 10 seconds are just annoying beeping. over all it´s not that bad, but could use some improvements.

megakruts responds:

Thank you!
But i think if there was a map, than it would be like a maze.

Hmm. Hilarious title and concept. In play, its not really fun. I didn't like the cramped little rooms, and when you finally get to big areas, it always just seems near the end and not as useful. You should listen to Plasmarift about using the environment a bit to hide or interact with. I also agree that the enemies having weapons would add the challenge more than a time limit (but still keep the slime defenseless, as it should be).

half a star simply for making something in general. boring as heck.. simple bland gameplay