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Reviews for "You Are Slime!"

When you get to the stage with the clock and you collect the clock, it just kills you same as the dungeon explorers rather than giving you a time extend. If you don't collect the clock you don't have enough time to complete the stage and you die that way. I'm pretty sure this isn't the intended behavior.

It plays like this on Chrome and also Firefox.


Game is now fixed. Was a HTTP issue. Adjusting rating accordingly.

This game was surprisingly decent. Could you tell me what the music was called for the ending and for the general game play. And the ending was nice :)

megakruts responds:

Thank You!
In the game main screen is the menu - Credits - there are all the music names and even a straight links to the profiles of the composers!

Interesting game, but i got bored after a few levels.
I think its the lack of content or variety, you can add more stuff in each level and change the layout to make it more interesting. Without furthering away from the core of the gameplay, which is, dont get killed by the dudes?
I actually was kinda nervous at the beginning until i noticed that they are always in the same place.
I think the game can go Two different ways, like i mentioned above, or the same thing you did here, with the limited view, but with a huge one level.
Pretty interesting tho!

Hmm. Hilarious title and concept. In play, its not really fun. I didn't like the cramped little rooms, and when you finally get to big areas, it always just seems near the end and not as useful. You should listen to Plasmarift about using the environment a bit to hide or interact with. I also agree that the enemies having weapons would add the challenge more than a time limit (but still keep the slime defenseless, as it should be).

The game definitely has an interesting concept and could be something really great, but it has problems and is lacking in some things:
- The enemies sometimes get stuck on corners, forcing the player to go back if they are blocking a path, which puts them in danger because when how close you need to get and when the enemies get out from the corner are not set in stone so a player could potentially lose because of this.
- Why not also allow the arrow keys and/or the aswd keys for controls?
- You have a lot of cool items scattered around the dungeon yet you don't let the player interact with any of it. You could have the slime hide inside an empty chest, whether to hide from an enemy or to have the enemy open it and attack the enemy. It would also be cool if you could sneak up on enemies and attack them or to give the enemies different weapons and powers, like giving one a bow and arrow and another a giant axe.
- I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but there is a lot of back tracking because you need to lead enemies away from a hall you need to go down. It really does make the player feel weak and helpless (which could be a good thing. Games can and often times should make you feel things. You could even say it puts the player in character for this game). Also, this backtracking (by itself) would get old if you ever extended this into more levels.
- For whether or not there should be a restricted view, I think it works well for this game, but I wouldn't know if full view would be better unless I played the game with it. However, full view would eliminate the element of surprise for the enemy and the maze like feel of the game.

Overall, it's a good game. I just feel like it could be so much more. I look forward to your next game.

megakruts responds:

Thank you for such a big review! It makes me think about a lot of things! )