Reviews for "Purbalds"

I do have a fun time while playing this game

whileworking responds:

And that's what it's all about :)

nice little game good gameplay :)

That last level was pretty tricky!! Had me almost give up a while, but it turns out it wasn't so difficult to jump with five of those little critters as it somehow seemed the first I-don't-even-want-to-count times. I do like a good challenge though, and the difficulty level feels balanced; progresses at a good pace between levels. I like that it's a game you learn by doing too, and how a simple concept generates such clever levels. Graphics are as creative as the music, and these mysterious main characters you guide towards the nearest exists, that self-detonate when the door count does not account for them, are a fascinating breed. A clever, creative and well-done platformer puzzle game overall! Nice work.


whileworking responds:

Thanks so much! Happy you like the game and managed to run through in a pretty short time.

Lemmings meets a collect the stars game. Moderately entertaining. Fun music.

whileworking responds:

Haha yeah, not really Lemmings but kinda. Thanks :)

Soooo, I really liked this. It was mostly easy, but never boring.

I really like the music that plays in the title screen, it sounds so epic and deep. The music that plays in the actual levels is... okay, but not nearly as good as the one that plays right at the title screen. The graphics are cutesy enough, not too detailed, but they really don't have to be. Too much atmosphere would get in the way of the thinking we need to do in this kind of game.

The gameplay is another one of those puzzle platformers where you control a multitude of characters at the same time, and it's a pretty solid one at that. You have to make sure that a certain number of characters reaches a certain goal point, and in your way may stand spikes, "reversal" powerups, and doors that must be unlocked with keys. Of course, in every level there are also three optional stars you might want to try to grab, for extra bragging rights, basically. The concept is as simple as it has to be, and the puzzles presented are not bad. The little "Purbalds" can stack up on one another, and creating tall stacks of them is occasionally necessary for success.

As for the levels, well, most of them are somewhat easy, but nevertheless, they do present some nice little challenges that require you to keep your eyes open to, for instance, not accidentally kill off one character while you are moving another to a certain location, or find a way to get a stack of characters to collect a star. None of the levels was bad or unfairly frustrating, and some of them contained some pretty clever tricks, like the final level, where you have to keep a handful of Purbalds alive in a lower platform until you have keys to access said platform, but for that, you need to keep enough of them from falling down into a pit. Another level with a nice trick is level 24, where you need to pick up four keys with four different characters, and you have to cleverly make use of the gaps on the floor in order to alternate which character is on top of the others, and able to grab a key for itself.

Now, for one thing that annoyed me: the jumping mechanics could be better. Jumping over obstacles is annoying due to terrible jump heights and distances. Sometimes you're right beside a spike, and when you jump, you hit the spike on the way up and kill a character. Some other times, you're off by one pixel, and you end up landing on a spike due to how precise the jumps need to be. It's kind of an invariant of puzzle platformers that they need to have the most annoying and precise jumps ever, and that's just frustrating.

I also feel like this game could do with more levels, or maybe a level edit tool. I'm not one to complain about short games, it's just that, well... I don't know, I feel like some more levels, introducing some different features, would be cool. It doesn't help that the first few levels are basically a tutorial on how to walk and jump, basically bloating up the already small set of thirty levels. Plus, maybe if the sceneries and music changed every ten or so levels, the game would be more compelling and fun, as if the Purbalds were going into an adventure or something, and every new area would be the next step in said adventure.

All in all, though, this game was nice. It's short, so it won't take anyone's time for too long, and it's also pretty fun. It is occasionally clever and challenging, and never ridiculously frustrating. So yeah, a solid 3.5/5

whileworking responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. I'm happy you enjoyed the game and especially the challenges you mentioned above. Wished I could put more time into games, but you just cannot spend months for a Flash game anymore :/ - Thanks for the tips tho, will keep in mind!