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Reviews for "Purbalds"

Hey fun game. Not too challenging which is nice - I was ALMOST getting frustrated on a couple levels. Easy and quick enough to start and complete while working (EH? EH?) A couple tips for your next game:
• having to left click for next level while playing with the arrows was intrusive
• spice up the different levels with different colored purbalds
• maybe make restarting the level a hair faster

Not sure what else to say, I played the whole thing so it was engaging enough. No ending screen with cute sleeping purbalds though, that's a missed op right there.

whileworking responds:

haha, got it! :D
- Next Level? You can just hit space bar!
- Hmnyeah, thought about it, but they are Purp balds (eh? eh? :P)
- Isn't it fast enough? Ok, will keep in mind.

Happy you like Purbalds. Will put a sleeping Purbald into my next game!

Muito bom!

whileworking responds:


Really fun game, thought most of it was spent jumping against obstacles trying to line myself up. Got all the achievements and had a great time, well done.

whileworking responds:

Thanks and Congratz! Well, if you want to grab all the stars, yes, you gotta do this from time to time ;)

Lemmings meets a collect the stars game. Moderately entertaining. Fun music.

whileworking responds:

Haha yeah, not really Lemmings but kinda. Thanks :)

nice jumping logic game, but some levels are annoying as hell.

whileworking responds:

They are "challenging" ;D