Reviews for "#52 Pickup"

A game that is exactly what the title implies. :) It was a simple dose of fun, though it feels like each click doesn't always take if I'm moving the courser while clicking. Digging the music, and the idea was pretty fun for a short while. Not bad.


Mechanical and functionaly it works and dose exactly what is says in the title. I'de say as a learning project its great. There were no breaking bugs that I could find and it gives you something to aim for. I would just say for your next project try something with a bit more game play/ chanlenge.

Another change you should really make is having the GUI (Time, Score) in front of the cards, I also found myself being able to select the GUI element. Realy unless I need to interacte with a GUI element I shouldn't be able to.

Upload your next project so we can see how your progressing.

Not really fun for me, I stuck around just for the song lol. Good way to pull in my attention. Clicking on the green play button multiple times messes up the audio, overlapping new tracks to be played. Thanks for putting a mute button. Nice subtle touch on the outlines of the cards, too.

This looks more like a card simulator game tbh, and without the medals this game would likely not have exceeded over 2 stars at all.

orion1220 responds:

my games always start as three stars then go down

im no professional just a high school class

It's a good time waster, but little else. Covering up the time and score is also annoying, and it seems the only replay value is how fast you can optimize your clicking.

The music is not too fitting, but good enough for a game like this. Not a lot of polish (i.e, one track of music that loops, copy pasted art, etc), but that's what is expected from a brainless time waster. The art on the cards did look quite nice.

orion1220 responds:

hey that's an idea i loved playing yugioh for ps2 maybe another card battle game in the future

thanks for the review glad you liked the card , i made it because i recently got into the random placement of stuff so this is what i came up with