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Reviews for "Deterministic Dungeon"


Super addicting and fun, a bit difficult at times but all in all, very good. Reminds me of the binding of isaac with its randomness.

When you max out the totems the game is pretty easy, however i really liked this one! Good job :D

Very, very original game. Would play perfectly on a smartphone! I love how deep such simple gameplay can get you.

After having played this majestic game for the first time four years ago, I decided to try it again after not being able to remember what drove me insane when I first played it. But as I was playing, I remembered it.
The Random Number Generator mechanic being in the player's control is certainly a very unique and interesting catch to the game, seeing that so many gamers complain about the RNG in games, well... not anymore! Now YOU are in charge of it! It also makes the developer less responsible if you aren't content with the loot and the enemies you face, after all, you are in control of it ;P
While it certainly puts older people and the ones with slower reactions at a huge disadvantage, it is what makes the game so special and different, one can't make a perfect game for everyone... Also, even with the ups and downs you're going to face in the game, it's all going to be alright in the end. Kinda reminds me of life in that aspect.

I also like the art style and the various weapon/armor types you can acquire, while the "special items" were cool-looking and had some interesting attributes, I didn't see much sense collecting them besides just having them pop up in my journal. The "totems", on the other hand, were an awesome addition and I love that they always stay with you, even if you died (which I, surprisingly, didn't! 0_o). One interesting thing, though, was that you could abuse the "save & quit" mechanic in the game everytime you were about to open a golden chest. If you didn't get the totems you desired, you could quickly leave and restart. And if you found a new totem you didn't have before and reloaded the game, thus not having it effectively anymore, its effects will still be given to you :^)

While I like the chill music and it was a smart choice to compose it so it doesn't get too annoying/distracting after a while, it just didn't fit often times and could perhaps be changed up more often. I mean, as the world is about to crumble and I'm fighting a near invincible dragon beast who can spawn deadly minions, I'm just hearing elevator music in the background.

Other than that, it's a fantastic and addictive game, I've had a blast to replay it now. I was also so brokenly over-powered towards the end, I just speedrunned the floors seven and eight until I reached and killed the final boss. Well, for a challenge, I'm going to be replaying the game on hardcore mode as well now... Wish me good luck in surviving that! :D

BoMToons responds:

Great review! Thank you!