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Reviews for "Deterministic Dungeon"

Very addicting game.

It starts out very luck based which can be frustrating. However once you learn how to play the game and unlock totems it gets easier.

You get totems from the boss chests. Try to get totems over anything else at all cost. The green totem is the best it slows down selector so its easier to choose what you want. Frankly its OP and made the game too easy lol. Once I unlocked one green totem I started consistently picking what I wanted which means I was getting even more totems. When I unlocked the 2nd level of the green totem I was successfully picking what I wanted 99% of the time. This combined with the special weapon bat leth, I was doing 20 damage every time.

The gold totem is also very powerful, it gives you another loot choice, so it adds a 3 for defeating enemies, and a 5 for boss chests. Brown speeds up xp gain. Red and blue are meh, they randomly cast fireball or freeze on enemies.

Fun game but can be balanced better. I think you should be able to use scrolls outside of battles, and you should be able to exchange items for scrolls all at once without having to walk to another room then back.


The game is not bad.

However, it really feels like you have taken a very generic game and tries to hide it behind this "you control the random generator"-thing. This is not a new idea at all. The only thing you have done is to give the randomness good graphics and such.

The game is descent, but feels pale and generic. It really have the smell of mass production.

Best game.But i'm stuck in gold 7-1.who's how to come gold 7-2?
P/s:Sorry for my bad english

I got the 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 weapon on the second floor and threw it away.

And then I got totems.