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Reviews for "Deterministic Dungeon"

The flashing should be toned down a bit. My eyes started to hurt after a bit.

Good game overall

I tried to play this game a couple of years ago and abandoned it after a few losses -- didn't see much sense in flipping a coin.

Today I gave it a second chance and got badly addicted. Cheers to the creators!

very nice i love i unlock all of the thing in the game plz make part 2
(\/) |._.| (\/)

good game made it to lvl 11 , used a frying pan as my weapon , had good hit rate, i found that there are barely no healing items around, u can only get some if ur lucky on the scroll draw, other that that the game was a pretty fun rouge-like. Would be 5 stars with more things for you to heal yourself.

finally after several hours of almost straight gameplay i completed the game, at first this was going to be a full review, but i saw that i mostly talked about why the game is so ez and i felt like i was making the game look like shit wich was not my goal, so instead im gonna write a full tutorial to play deterministic dungeon like a boss

step one: get totems, totems are items that can be found in golden chests after defeating bosses and gives the player some "pasive skills" permanently, in many words, when you die, you lose everything BUT totems and start all over again, there are 5 totems and you can stack their efffects by looting more of the same totems (totem upgrades are limited to level 3) you might as well, get some equipment from golden chests before thinking about totems, but here is the best order that you can get to start looting totems

1) mayan: slows down the selector and give you more control over your picks, extremely usefull for either deal damage and looting especific items, if you are low on health, mayan totem is also useful to evade battles by slowing down the enemy encounter selector
2) viking: the viking totem will randomly attack foes with ice attacks, making them freeze and lose their turn, this triggers after you use your turn so is like taking a double turn by random
3) hindu: this totem allows you to loot even more, battles will have as result a maxium of 3 loots instead of 2 and chests 5 instead of 4, wich is useful to farm equipment to trade in late game
4) alien: aline totem makes your character get more exp after defeating foes, this is really good to prepare for a tough boss fight by grinding levels
5) dragon: the dragon totem is the counterpart of the viking totem, this one will instead of ice, randomly attack with fire, making no status effects but dealing more damage, useful against late game strong foes

step two: learn to grind equipment and scrolls, this is not nesessary but this will help a lot when the time to fight a tough boss comes, in the map sometimes you will find a trading spot, here you can give equipment in exchange for scrolls, i recommend to farm equipment by defeating minions and looting after battles, mayan totems and hindu totems makes a solid combination, the slow addon makes it easier to chose to battle just 1 single enemy and loot the best amount of equipment avilable, wich is increased with the hindu totem, so no loss by having this two, while you go deeper and deeper in the dungeon you will find better equipment every time, when you have the best equipment that is possible to get in that area, try to get copys of that equipment so you can trade those pieces for scrolls, the better equipment you give, the better scrolls you get in exchange, just try to hold level 3 equipment until you have a 3 level set to trade, a full 3 level set gives a rare scroll that otherwise is only obtainable in slot machines

step 3: learn to grind levels, once you have a good set, you can start to fight trios of strong enemies and get a lot of exp for it, quoting a totem for this shore, use the alien one that increase the amount of exp you get after defeating monsters, with this you will level up really quick and get more and more powerful

step 4: create a strategy, this is an turn based rpg game, so strategy is an important part of the gameplay, there is not much strategy anyway, just get the strongest weapon you have and the best armor/shield you can get, level up your mayan totem by looting up to 3 of them to make sure you make the hihest amount of damage that weapon can deal and you are way to go, but get the viking totem to randomly freeze your foes or doing tin by yourself with ice scrolls are a good idea, especially in boss battles since you are fighting one single enemy, ergo, if there are no other enemies to freeze, they will simply lose their turn allowing you to attack for a second time or even use that time to heal yourself (they remain frozen after either 2 turns or until you attack, using an ice scroll against a frozen enemy is not a good idea since it deals damage but also unfroze the enemy)

final step: take some rests from time to time to refresh your mind, sometimes im so concentrated in the game that i forget to take rests, that's when i start to make mistakes becouse my mind is tired and unnable to focus in a 100%, this mistakes could go from something so simple like going in the wrong direction and fighting unnesessary foes wasting some energy, to something worse like attacking when i was supposed to heal me to not die in the next turn, sometimes, it is better to take rests to refresh your mind and get back at full force, try it out

well, that's all, if you follow this tips, you might get far enough to finish the game in your second run or even in the first one, hope to help with this mini strategy guide to play deterministic dungeon, bye bye :D