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Reviews for "Deterministic Dungeon"

awesome game! i played through it all and wished i could just keep going down levels! props man!

PestoForce responds:

Noice! Thanks for the review!

Great game,the problem with luck based games is that if luck is the most important thing,the player will feel like he's not even playing the game,but the game is playing itself.This game differs from other entries because it doses the perfect amount of luck and skill making it not too easy nor too hard,while still keeping the luck driven aspect.took me around 5 tries to beat.P.s:mayan totem is op

PestoForce responds:

Yeah, I'm thinking mayan totem should maybe activate randomly like the other totems...

Would have liked it more if it was an actual RNG.

PestoForce responds:

YOU are an actual RNG!

Not too bad, not completely random as i would expect.

One thing I would change is if you got more enemies to fight in a room, you need to be a lot more likely to get more loot instead of having the same exact chance for loot in a one enemy room. Add an additional number for each enemy additional to the room.

0ne enemy- 0,1,2
Two enemies-0,1,1,2
Three enemies-1,2,3,4

With 3 enemies you need to be guaranteed Loot.

PestoForce responds:

Nice, I like this approach, will steal it for the sequel!

3 mayan totems and a bat'leth gg ez game

PestoForce responds:

True dat, way OP!