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Reviews for "Deterministic Dungeon"

my characters name is, Elda Mas XD

The only problem I see with the game is the balancing. Especially the Mayan token can cause a chain reaction that lets you easily finish the game since you can simply farm healing items, always getting all the max loot and perfect hits. And at this point, the last levels are more of a chore since you simply farm a bit of extra loot and levels during fights you could easily avoid.

Idea, art, animations, sound, and most of the execution are amazing, so it is quite a shame for those missing tweaks.

Man, the RNG in this game is terrible.

This game is just really fun and unique. Nothing really more to say about it

Great game, but overall a huge time waster. Battles have a small chance to freeze, games cannot be loaded if you refresh the page, you gotta restart.

However, you keep your rare totems upon new game. It's nice and all, but with a random generator that has left me at roughly 30% of an actual 50/50 rate on paper after four hours of gameplay, it definitely feels like something is off. Was going to give a somewhat lower rating for this fact (because I remember the exact same thing happening when this game first came out, spent about eight hours on it then), but there was a lot of effort and creativity put into this game, so I say at least 4/5. All the game needs for a perfect score is some minor tweaking.

BoMToons responds:

One thing to note is that this is not TRULY random, it's tied to your own performance. That's one of the things I'm trying to highlight.