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Reviews for "Deterministic Dungeon"


Really lovely game, 10/10.

I like the art and the idea of a RNG rpg but i think it was short. This needs to have more levels/floors, bosses, items, etc...and most important, a part 2. Great game!

hey, I had a great time playing your game but it really had me wondering , is the defend action even viable in any situation and if not why was it implemented???

I didnt think i found any use to it whatsoever

I got a lot to say after I finish it, but in the meantime, I can say, firstly that I like it very much, but that I found a small problem. You can't see the exits of the boss level treasure chests, so you're not sure you can take a certain path to it or not. Unless I'm wrong and the locks indicate this. I didn't test it, I'll admit.

PestoForce responds:

The locks only appear on the hallways.