Reviews for "Chara theme /RmX"


With all honesty, and this is no way your fault, but unwarranted feature.

There are tons of good songs out in the audio portal that could be featured, but this isn't one of them. It's not of the same caliber, and it's pretty boring and lazy sounding. Generic.

Lol, you get featured every time you release a song :/

The song isn't bad, I think it sounds a lot like your other stuff, which is kind of good and bad at the same time. Good because your stuff is good, but bad because there isn't much variety. The drums are pretty damn good, but I think the other stuff could be a bit harder. Nonetheless, still a decent song.

It's very good actually, but I'll be honest with ya, it will be quite hard to use in Geometry Dash, I'm a creator I know what I'm saying, also, could you remix "Igneon System & Deathmachine - Sins" ? This song is amazing and I think I can do a good level with it :3 but this song is really good too, creepy, dark, perfect for Chara :D

whell spooky youre right good job