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Reviews for "Pico Joins the Army"

lovely and really funny video the animation was good and the sound effects was excellent + the laptop look like that it's made of paper lol

i love how in the ad it's the K.K.K Theme

HA HA! Dangly parts and poor animation with gratuitous penis humor. What is not to love. Boy was this a pure tribute to Newgrounds. And this almost had Pico level violence. There was not quite enough of the Pico Ultraviolence. Too many submissions passed judgement.

The super gigantic Death By Foamy the Squirrel... You forgot to have him flip everyone off. Still, a fitting tribute and lots and LOTS of good jokes. Well laid out, well presented.

4.5... you ALMOST got a full 5.

And we got BLAMMED in the end.


Now this is current and traditional

amazing. can i download?