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Reviews for "Pico Joins the Army"

This was pretty solid. Though, I don't know what the point of Emperor Adobe was about. Was it an inside joke? Anyways, sweet animation. Keep it up dude.

Haaaahahahahaaaa fucken Eddy in the video XD good shit good shit good shit

Psychopath sent me the link to this one! Well done guys! Too funny xD


Reminds me a bit of that Street Fighter Chode flash except Foamy was the final boss.

I also like the cameos in the beginning glad to see we still get silly quality movies lieke this

When I first saw the intro, I was gonna hit the zero button with the fist of God because it looked like you just ripped off EmDubya's "Join the Tankman Army".

That was when the cartoon started digging into the actual issues of the Judgement system. Everything said at this part of the video rang so true. Craptacular videos passing Judgement in spite of the overwhelming opposition. Unworthy bullshit hitting the front page. All of it was great.

But then, you immediately won my respect with the George reference & had the eye for detail to not only notice but to mention that Sam Meisner's movies take entire days to pass Judgement. I doubt most other people here even got that reference. As a friend of Meisner's, I think he would approve of this public nod. I wish I knew who wrote that joke.

I'm off to give Sam a link to this so he can see it.