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Reviews for "Pico Joins the Army"

I like it a lot. All the jokes. Walk the dinosaur.

the line that made me laugh most was "don't let them get through! they didn't even try!"

IDK what it is, but there's something so.....Venture Bro.s about this, I love it to death.

I liked the "we haven't been making that joke since 2007" line.

But honestly, I should have turned off the video as soon as I heard that "dickshot" line. I don't want to see that stuff. But I wouldn't reduce the score I'm giving for that reason.
The animation was fairly odd. I think it was done on purpose though.

But most of the humor I gotten out of this video was the posters and what was labelled as "garbage content". Not only that, I liked the way that the crap flew past the radar.

lol that giant cat stomped pico on his legs and penis

Holy shit, that George scene was just plain savage!

Now this is what I want to see, loving all the subtle nods to other submissions and the actual issues going on with the portal.

Animation seems a bit odd at first but the humor (dicks jokes) really gave it some charm. Someone should really bring it all back.