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Reviews for "Pico Joins the Army"

No words to say, only 3 ,i love it.

Excellent satire!

The depiction of Newgrounders as Tankmen, fighting against hordes of terrible submissions was awesome, I thought! Alas, it would seem most people don't fully understand the voting process and as a result, people either give full five stars, or none at all. No different than that terrible like/dislike system on YouTube.

Sadly, when a fairly average animator accumulates a sizable fanbase, which almost worships him, there's not a lot you can do. I'm sure the veteran Tankman knows this well, but he has refused to stop fighting. The size of his enormous penis being a metaphor of his will. However it's constantly flaccid, meaning he's losing his nerve.

Pico being the eager new recruit who believes he can set things right, only to be completely dominated by the sad reality, which is that people like one-frame animations.

I liked the jokes!

My only problem is the animation. It appears a lot of animators contributed and it shows. Different styles of animation appear all over the place and it's kind of distracting. Nothing too bad though.

I don't like using scores, but I guess I'll give it a 4.5/5.

Perfect in every way. Also, was that Smokey the Cigarette on the shelf? O__O

Urbs responds:


That was too crazy for words.

it was ok, i can tell you put good effort tint it