Reviews for "Filthy Frank Anime Opening"

I don't watch Filthy Frank so some of the references are lost on me, but I like the animation. The rotoscoping is very nice.

There might be absolutely nothing wrong with this. I'm sure there are some jokes sprinkled in there with all of the Japanese text that at least 95% of us won't be able to understand. Maybe there isn't. The 4.5 stars is because if there aren't any jokes there, then there was wasted potential. Wasted potential makes things boring. Do not waste potential. If there are jokes in the Japanese text though, you can consider this a 5/5 from me. A+, Gold Star. Here have hypothetical pat on the back, son. You did good. Thanks for reading.

RNKN responds:

That's the thing! I myself don't even know what it says because I had someone else write that hahah. I believe he just wrote some memes or something idek.

Its like being steamrolled by a dreadnought made of cliché.
Good work capturing almost everything that embodies anime openings, ever.

Now i know that this is supposed to be a parody, but i see a lot of potential for it, no idea why XD
Keep it up ;)

If Frank doesn't use this as his actual intro, I will riot.