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Reviews for "A Wizard's Journey Day 3"

I don't know what that bird foot clue was, or how I managed to grab an egg out of a bird's nest that wasn't even there. I just got it somehow when I clicked the bird's leg thinking I had to click the leg corresponding to each direction in the clue. I clicked the right leg and an egg that I definitely wasn't visible became mine for the keeping. Did I miss something? Did I use the bird feet clue without realizing it? Was the egg just glitched?

listen man,,,,,,just forget this whole "escape genre" thing
You have a divine duty,,,,to make a game,,,based on "spending all night" with a unicorn, you know? Do you catch my drift?

Get them bronybux nawmsayin?

The classic fast food of an escape game. No effort, no originality. Nothing. Worked for the first 500 times...now it is boring. Why don't you try to make quality games? Cube Escape series would be a good starting point.