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Reviews for "A Wizard's Journey Day 3"

A bit easy but otherwise I liked it.

It's okay, but you should make sure that the egg cannot be collected until the flute is played for the bird, because I was able to do that way before I even connected the footprints to the waving tree branches. What I'm suggesting is to swap the mushroom-caterpillar scene with the tree-&-logs scene, to make it a tad more linear, and to only make the egg appear when the bird is gone.

It took me ages to fine all the mushrooms but i finally got there in the end. Great game like always

Damn, why can't we just use the Magic carpet to fly over the gate? We are able to use our wand in that world.

I don't know what that bird foot clue was, or how I managed to grab an egg out of a bird's nest that wasn't even there. I just got it somehow when I clicked the bird's leg thinking I had to click the leg corresponding to each direction in the clue. I clicked the right leg and an egg that I definitely wasn't visible became mine for the keeping. Did I miss something? Did I use the bird feet clue without realizing it? Was the egg just glitched?