Reviews for "Mission Escape: Lab"

Classic escape game. The mechanics could be a bit better. The fuses were nicely and logically placed (i mean you find them in the places where one would expect to find fuses). It is more or less the same for the other items.
The game is a bit short... I do not think it takes the average player more than 5 minutes to finish it.
All in all... just another simple escape game. I will give it 3 stars, just because I like escape games.

Nice but short. No issues with the game itself besides that.

Great escape game i voted 5 keep making these :)

Fun game. Very similar to the other Escape games. The puzzles are pretty easy, so you might want to tweak the difficulty. Nice job on the fuse locations. Really need to pay attention to find them all. If you could lengthen it, or add more puzzles, you'd definitely have a 5 star game.

Time: 171 seconds...

WAYYYYYYYY too easy man... shame on you @selfdefiant.