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Reviews for "Cloud vs Sephiroth"


i love this game, and i love the piece!

Wavechan responds:

XD Hey you!!!


Thats awesome. Love all rge datial put into it, Id hang this up on my wall =D lol

Wavechan responds:

Thankyou :)


If there were anyway you could turn this into a 1680 x 1040 widescreen wallpaper, it would proudly sit on my desktop for a very very long time.

Great work!

Wavechan responds:

Thanks :) I'll PM you! :)


I had to get up and leave the room. I couldn't be in the same room as something THAT awesome.

Nice job! The details are amazing, the colors are great...just wow! Nice job.

Wavechan responds:

Aw ; ; You're too kind, thank you!!


there are no words to describe how awsome that picture is, i wish my artistic skill was just a 1/3 of your awsome might.

Wavechan responds:

Aw ; ; Thank you very much!