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Reviews for "Cloud vs Sephiroth"


badass, you have true talent!

O_O Woooooooah Nice!

Dud seriously youve got some major major tallent, I take my hat off to you. I agree with this being made into an epic Wallpaper for all to enjoy and view. Im actually majorly overjoyed by this pirce you got all the little nuances of that particular fight scene from the movie. I literally hear One Winged Angel playing as I look at it. Very Epic. Any chance of a 1400x1900 Desktop wallpaper of this?

Wavechan responds:

aw :) thanks!

I made a smaller version wallpaper a while back for someone, can you use this one? http://wavechan.darkwoodinc.com/Wallpapers/cloudseph_wall.jpg


5/5 10/10 i am compleatly FUCKING speachless.....


very good art

I can't...I can't do it!!

I can't find anything to say bad about the picture!!

You've put a hellish amount of effort into detailing every ridge, fold, and ruffle in the clothing, evey feather has it's own unique pattern to it, dammit man, you even aligned the weapon's to where they look proportional and not at all ridiculous ( and believe me... I've seen some horrible renditions of the AC Buster Sword *shudder*).

Yeah, I found something bad to say. You practically did too damn good of a job! LOL