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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 2"

Alright, before I start this review, I just want to say that I am surprisingly grateful that you didn't call this series 'Tails of Zale' and decided to take the high road on that one. Anyway, on to the review. So I haven't been active for about 1 year and 3 days. I don't know if anyone noticed or cared that I had wiped myself from the face of Newgrounds, but I don't want to sound like I'm saying that I am the greatest reviewer this website has ever seen or that everyone should believe what I say. What I'm trying to say is that I enjoyed doing that. The reason I left is because I didn't really have much to look forward to. I had been looking forward to this and it never came (until now of course). I was stuck reviewing things I had not really cared a whole lot about. However, I'm back and probably not as good as before.
About the short, It's exactly what I had expected from a follow up to one of my favorite animated shorts I have ever seen. It's still as whimsical and adorable as the last. I care about Zale and Elva more than I did before. I want to know even more about this beautiful world that you have created. All that you have to do is let your imagination run free, and let your thoughts spill on to the canvas, except I highly doubt that you animate all of this on a canvas. The animation is more fluent than the last one, and in one case really adds a lot to the cats. When the cats were running into the space Zale and Elva were in, there was a mysterious purple fog that made the animation process quicker. Not only did it make it quicker, but it tells the audience that these cats are unpredictable in nature, and that they should be watched with a close eye. Zale completely ignores this and the cat that attacks him shortly after Morpheus tells him that they, "only want them to stay for dinner." and thinks for some reason that they didn't want to harm them. Zale is the only fox that we have seen in this series thus far, and I'm pretty sure that he's the only fox we are ever going to see. I hope that he isn't this much of a naive idealist too many times.
There is one short scene that we see where it cuts to Elva's family. This takes care of a problem I didn't know I would think of; the characters in the forest aren't filler, they are characters as the word 'characters' would most likely imply. The only other way I can think of someone using the word 'characters' in a sentence is through broken english when they mean to say 'characterize'.
I previously didn't catch onto this, but this series is called TALES of Zale and not TALE of Zale; there's an 'S' after the 'ALE' that isn't preceded by a 'Z'. This is important because you wrapped up a story at the end of this episode; the story of Zale and Elva's first journey into the ruins. It's nice and I like many others, I'm sure, look forward to the next 'Tale of Zale (and Elva)' that you tell.
There is one more thing I have to say, and it concerns the third minisode. Does Morpheus have some sort of mystical demon powers. In the third minisode It shows hm and the rabbit playing chess in some sort of fog that has no reason to exist except for it being in a typical dream realm, and Morpheus says something that sounds pretty sinister. My guess is that Morpheus is a villain and that the rabbit is going to be a recurring villain. I'm going to take that, remember it and hold onto it for another year or so.
I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. It's a perfect follow up to what I thought was one of the best submissions I saw last year. I can't really say much else except for the fact that I apologize this review was so long and that I do in fact plan on writing more reviews even though nobody asked for me to return. Perfect submission... I await for what is next. (P.S. Fun Fact: I typed the name Zale in this review 10 times. I know that nobody cares, I just thought it would be fun to add that.) Thank you.


This episode was wonderful, just like the first one :3
The minisodes were neat too, and they got me excited for this main one! Everything from animation to voice acting to music was great. I can't wait for the future episodes!

Splendid job :)

Awesome! Art and voice acting is superb, and an intriguing plot. I was waiting for you to upload it on Newgrounds so I could rate it. I'm looking forward for the next one! Great work!