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Reviews for "Area69"

A little bit confusing at first. But other than that, see you in the frontpage, you totally deserve It. It's simple, but nostalgic an amazing.

Great game! Just 2 little things:

1. When I restart the game, it asks me every time if I want a tutorial again. It's not a huge issue but it's a little annoying.

2. Make the cherries bigger. Sometimes I can't see them since they're so small.

Otherwise, this game is fun and funny. Good work.

Good graphics, music and gameplay - i like the controls, but I think games is too repetetive - maybe add some more enemys, maybe boss, level progression? And it will be very good!

I thought it was pretty good. In the future I'd like to see a leaderboard.

The game is cool, but it becomes really easy very quickly, and too repetitive.