Reviews for "Skullgirls Futa Hentai"

I'll be honest. There's not much to do or see here. It's pretty commonplace stuff you can see in everyday flash animations. Nothing special or worthy of great attention. Graphics are nice though.

it's good really good nice game creating

Well, like most others have already pointed out: It's kinda just "there". It looks nice, but that's about it.
A little contemplative on some of the proportions and such in this but... overall flows well.
It does feel like you could need a... "something" to being some more pazzaz into your stuff :P

Like, that... whatever the MLP based cashgrab trainwreck was called... it at least had some arching theme. Granted, bland as fuck x3 But yeah, you're kinda in a moment 22 with the patreon part. As frankly, you are just doing good quality, mediocre stuff. The spoiled, entitled porn majority expect to get that on a regular basis for free. You need some something to be more than "basically every other 18+ flash". They're all just one, or several guys waving their dicks around, and pleasuring themselves with a female.

And yes, I know that makes up a vast majority of all porn xD With those exact stereotypes as well xP But as of now, the main reaction I see, and hear from people is the "Huh, neat." and then they leave. Pandering to the porn majority is incredibly risky and competitive. It's like companies that think making FPS games is a "safe bet". All major animators tend to offer a niché, or some sort of "the thing". Most of your recent stuff are just the expected standard people demand to get on a regular basis. I can't say what, but you do need some something...

And on a last note: Huh, kinda neat that you didn't use the "guy with tits" futa archetype. That's all the rage with the futa fanatics now a days :P They are a very gullible and thick demographic though... you could probably use that to rake in cash if you want to pick an easy route =3

Decent interactivity, but not much to it. Art and animation was great.

nothing too new or interesting.