Reviews for "Skullgirls Futa Hentai"

Pretty good animation, but some details needed to polish.

Sorry man, just felt like this one was missing something, maybe emotion. It just kind of felt thrown together. You still have my following though, and I trust whatever comes next will be great as always, good luck!

Parasoul is my favorite female videogame character.

You could make her testicles look a little better and add more positions and maybe even other characters. The cumming animation wasn't the best. She should have thrusted harder before cumming and had 3 loads. And there should be a little pause after she thrusts her dick inside the other girl and cums.

It's not bad. It's not mind blowing, but it's not bad.

I'll be honest. There's not much to do or see here. It's pretty commonplace stuff you can see in everyday flash animations. Nothing special or worthy of great attention. Graphics are nice though.