Reviews for "Skullgirls Futa Hentai"

I'll be honest. There's not much to do or see here. It's pretty commonplace stuff you can see in everyday flash animations. Nothing special or worthy of great attention. Graphics are nice though.

I like the style. It's very crisp, clean and smooth. But after that fact, this "game" starts to fail. Just a throwaway animation with a weak and quick finish. I see more potential here than you seem to think you have. I want to see you improve.

Man its not that I hate what you do, but you gotta start adding more stuff to your interactions, most of them are "auto, mouse moving, finish" Its cool that you do a lot of these consistently but people wouldnt mind that you start taking your time to add more things... put some other cum options, other positions other auto options or whatever man


PD: in other comment I said you were getting better (but its mostly the graphics only), improve your gameplay man!!
best of luck

Kajio responds:

Mostly I'm hoping to get more patreons before I put more work into each game. It probably seems lame, but money is a good motivator. Currently I'm essentially doing these for a fraction of minimum wage already. Also if I get enough donations per work, I could afford to take more time for each one.

nothing too new or interesting.

that has got to be the ugliest set of balls i've ever seen.