Reviews for "Skullgirls Futa Hentai"

five out of 12 but those other 7 stars don't matter so don't worry about them, so awesome, and way to draw a realalistic sac, so many animations have those perfectly smooth ballz like they've been waxing and stretching that shit daily lol great flash bro hope to see more, maybe do an injustice style harley/joker fucking hmmmm not a bad idea rite wink wink

Parasoul is my favorite female videogame character.

You could make her testicles look a little better and add more positions and maybe even other characters. The cumming animation wasn't the best. She should have thrusted harder before cumming and had 3 loads. And there should be a little pause after she thrusts her dick inside the other girl and cums.

Eh, not your best work. As always, the drawings are nice and the BGM is cool.


Wish I had the song. Lovely animation non the less.