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Reviews for "'Hyper Jump Tomato'"

ur better at pixel than me

Butzbo responds:

I can't agree, BUT, I would like to see those pixel creatures in movement sometime :)

Its awesome how you still do your own style in pixel art. Totally reads Butzbo.

I say bring on more pixel related stuff. Cant fucking wait.

Also, fuck that game.

Butzbo responds:

On the pixel part; some things took me a lot more than expected but it was pretty fun to experiment
and watch it complete; Thanks! :)

Haha I love it! Definitely a worst video game (but weirdly I still want to play it... I know I could win!)

Love your style as always, great work!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks man! :)
Maybe there's a hidden way to do a normal jump and at least get past the first obstacle of the game... Now if only I had the manual...

Haha good job man.Worst console game ever. xD

Butzbo responds:

If you can't get by the first jump without dying, then that's a serious issue!
Thanks Djjaner!

I gotta say, this is pretty funny and original! Keep up the awesome work :)

Butzbo responds:

Thank you Octopus! :)