Reviews for "Terracell"

A point for effort and a half for whatever there is in the game.

First thing: Get rid of the storm! The game is hard enough as is without the damned storm making vision even worse and movement even slower.

Not being able to move while aiming and aiming only sideways makes the game a pain to play. And the fact that the range is so short makes things even worse. Consider allowing movement while aiming (make it so the power charge only progresses when standing still and resets to zero when you move if you want the player to shoot after standing still)

Injured animals leave no track and show no graphical change to identify them. Anything bigger than rats (if that is what they are) didn't die even from a max power attack and it ran off screen with no way for me to track it and finish it off (true they don't run far, but it is still a pain when there are others of its type nearby).
Also, why are poached carcasses blocking my arrows? And since the animals sometimes cluster together hunting one means the end of the hunt because the rest are hiding behind their dead comrade.

And the animals have no specific behavior nor interact with each other. They would either run away or towards you once you are close enough and you have no hope of escape or chasing either way.
And then there is the lion in the middle of the rats and gazels and he doesn't care, he only eats human.

The graphics aren't that good so why is the point of view so close? The game requires knowledge of where food and enemies are and having such limited field of vision makes survival in this game very questionable. Move the camera awaaaay and space the animals more so the player can have a sense of sneaking on th animal and hunting it rather than walking around a pack of retarded teethless zombies and shooting at leisure.

Consider changing the music. It isn't serving the game and sound effects of walking and animal sounds would be more appreciated.

All in all, you need to reconsider your game design in general, you can make something good out of this with some changes.

Best regards

Peps1992 responds:

Thanks for the comments! I'll try to respond to as many points as I can.

I will further reduce the alpha of the storm but I won't remove it completely as that will take too much time.

I understand that it may feel frustrating but I chose that control layout for a reason. If I had made it the way you suggested then it would've been easy to kill all of the animals (there's a limit, they don't respawn). Many complained that my previous game, Artorm Fighter, was too easy so I made sure not to repeat that. Remember, you're playing for a high score :).

If the lions ate the impalas then that would be a problem. That would make the game even more difficult as you would have to kill off the lions first!

The graphics are like that because this game was entered in the Lowrezjam 2016. It had to be a 64x64 resolution game. If I space the animals more, I tried by extending the map size, it would be too difficult to find them. They're randomly positioned/generated as is the terrain.

Hopefully if I make a sequel in the future it will include the more fluid controls you were hoping for. One thing's for sure, the resolution will be bumped back to my default resolution :)

Sounds and graphics a little hard on the eyes and ears. Make them a little better. I get the retro thing you're going for. Just don't make it over-retro. Add atleast 16 bit. :)
Overall good concept.

Peps1992 responds:

Thanks for posting the comments! I'll come around to fixing/improving the sounds probably next week. As for the visuals... I can't really improve them as this game was originally made for the Lowrezjam2016 but I didn't finish it on time :P

Edit: I've added an option to improve the visual a bit.