Reviews for "Sketch (Full 1.0)"

Solid little platform. I didn't have high hopes, but it's a lot of fun. Love the wall jump mechanic and the moveable creates. Don't like that you can be killed jumping off the screen.

I love this game! even though it does occasionally lag, it fixes and works out! I haven't found any bugs and I love the art and gameplay!

You literaly cant win i came to the end of the run level and it dident work

ipodlover3354 responds:

Look at the walkthrough in the description.

what are the secret medals?

ipodlover3354 responds:

Please wait one week.

Finally, found the "That is unexpected!" medal and that was really unexpected! xD
This was fun, searching for the secret medals was fun. The movements are fluid, the high jumps feel good + love the simple and clear graphics.
Level design: No hidden traps or anything twisted (apart for the secret medals ofc). GJ! :)