Reviews for "Sketch (Full 1.0)"

Finally, found the "That is unexpected!" medal and that was really unexpected! xD
This was fun, searching for the secret medals was fun. The movements are fluid, the high jumps feel good + love the simple and clear graphics.
Level design: No hidden traps or anything twisted (apart for the secret medals ofc). GJ! :)

Nice game, smooth controls, I like the wall jump. The boxes on top of the squares was not shaky enough though. Each level is not too long, so having no checkpoints is not a problem to me.

It's a nice idea. I like the secrets put into this. I managed to find 2 up to now.

what are the secret medals?

ipodlover3354 responds:

Please wait one week.

Ok, I give up on first level. too hard for me. no checkpoints.