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Reviews for "Sketch (Full 1.0)"

1. Great graphic design and animations, its sketch themed and you can clearly see obstacles,
It seems like you have animations for everything :p
2. Good controls, Theyre responsive and you fixed a problem thats pretty irritating in some games

1. The music is........meh... Its pretty irritating after a while and it sounds like someone pressed some buttons on a mix table.
2. The controls are responsive, But its a instant boost after you start walking, That means landing on small platforms and boxes is REALLY hard, also you slide really hard on slopes

1. Maybe a storyboard, A Begin and End story would be perfect in this type of game
2. Change the music, Pretty please? c:

Thats it a little bit :p
Good game, But needs some fixes

Not Bad.

An awesome game, despite its simplicity. I could play it for some time, but the game becomes a little boring after a while. That game makes me remember from the "Fancy Pants" classical game.

The difficulty of the game is not so easy, but also not so difficult. I liked that.

Not bad, in fact... I liked it.

Finally, found the "That is unexpected!" medal and that was really unexpected! xD
This was fun, searching for the secret medals was fun. The movements are fluid, the high jumps feel good + love the simple and clear graphics.
Level design: No hidden traps or anything twisted (apart for the secret medals ofc). GJ! :)

Nice game, smooth controls, I like the wall jump. The boxes on top of the squares was not shaky enough though. Each level is not too long, so having no checkpoints is not a problem to me.

It's a nice idea. I like the secrets put into this. I managed to find 2 up to now.