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Reviews for "Sketch (Full 1.0)"

Ooh, found the secret!
THANK YOU BTW, my new game is beast size so I couldn't upload it without this :P

The music is fairly good.

This game has some nice concepts, but the controls are simply awful. Everything "sticks", particularly so in the later levels, to the point it's really game-breaking.

Press the up key -- he may or may not respond and if he does respond it might be very delayed. Press left or right -- he might start walking and never stop or there will be a large delay before he does. This terrible lag really kills any mood of the game.

For as simple as this game is it *really* shouldn't be as resource-intensive as it apparently is. Work on that because it's absolutely killing the enjoyment of your game.

xubiod responds:

Well I can't because of my computer's hard drive being formatted.

i cant get ANY MEDALS!!!

Fun, short, and harmless :D
This is one of those quick and fun little games that you play once and complete, and then forget about it. It doesn't try to be anything spectacular.

The game worked just fine for me, except not being able to climb hills without jumping kinda sux.

What a nice game.

+ Animations are nice, follows the theme of the game being sketched onto a piece of paper.
+ Wall-slide button? Feels like I'm playing Fancy Pants again...

-+ Controls can be a bit annoying; however, after a while, you can get used to the controls.
-+ Boxes are a nice "puzzle" prop, but can be really annoying to get along with.

- Music is not really that great, feels like somebody pressed "pressed some buttons on a mix table" (Thank TheButtonSmasher for that one,) and called it a song.

What I would suggest is a story, as most games would have, as it won't make the game feel like Sticky McStickerstick was walking around Stickland and found spikes, boxes, larger boxes, and puzzles in Stickland.

It's really impressive. I personally enjoyed this good 'ol jolly game.

4.5/5 would fit this game.