Reviews for "Black & White Escape: Office"

oh, magnetic balls,
great job with this one, dude !
selfdefiant = legend

The picture took me some time to figure that its the corner you need to click on, other than that it was a good game

This poster : "Believe"... Believe you can click on poster without spending 10min to find that its hitbox is on its corner ?
I've seen tons of better point'n'click games...

selfdefiant responds:

If it were the whole poster it would have been too easy. :)

Pretty good. A few issues though: The papers clip through the chair when you slide it over. There's 6 arrow indicators but only 5 arrow buttons. here is a lot of things that seem useful but really aren't, like the coat that might have something in its pockets, the many trashcans with no contents, the computer, the movable chair, the empty fridge, the coffee pot, and the memos that usually have code hints but have no purpose here... what I'm trying to say is you spend a lot of time making something out of nothing because of all the mouse hotspots and useless things that seem like they could be somewhat useful. It fleshes out the game, but not in a good way. A game should be long in content, not scenery clutter to sort through. I do understand the point of having it from a game design standpoint, I just wish it was decoration instead of a waste of time. My final issue is that I did literally everything and was stuck for twenty minutes because the only way to find the safe is to click one specific spot on the corner of the thing its hidden behind (trying really hard not to spoil things here...). From a logical standpoint, it's just weird to have that object only be removable if you start from one corner. Most games go with the much more reasonable click-anywhere method and it's much more fair to the player.

For the life of me I couldn't figure out the arrow puzzle. After all, there were 6 paintings with highlighted directions on them.