Reviews for "Black & White Escape: Office"

Short and sweet, nothing to difficult if you think logically. Great job!

It was ok..easy puzzles

Nothing new here. Reverse each LRDUU. Left would be Right...

Mostly pixel-hunting to find out which objects you can interact with. Also, just because it's black and white doesn't mean you have to make all the objects mostly white so you can't actually see anything.

This one seemed a bit weaker than most entries. I guess it's because the detail wasn't that good. I'd love to see you collaborate with 08jackt! Anyway, what you do first is go to the right twice. Then open all the middle lower cabinet with the trash can. Click on all the trash.

Click on the coffee cup holder. Two more rights and enter the code 14:45 into the book. Go back to the bookshelf to put the book you got from the 14:45 book. Click on the white books until you get the magnetic ball. That's enough for me.