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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"

Holy shit!!! LOL!!! 10x better than FFP of Flash!

Damn this was a lot better than Final Fantasy Pits of Flash! That "game" sucked so badly! I'm glad someone did this!

Hunter is brilliant

Damn dude. For your age you got a good head on your shoulders. Not only did you totally slam that worthless piece of crap.....you made it into an entertaining film. 10 across the board. Bravo my man!

Revenge is sweet

Justice is aptly served. Or is it...

Damn this movie rocks

I don't see why the last persn who wrote has so much against this movie, i've seen it severall times and i think it's funny every time. I think it's one of the best parodies ever=).


hunter....where the fuck have you gone? send me a message sometime man!