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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"


this movie ruled, well according to my opinion it does. Sure "Piro's" picture sucked ass, and when he blasted the two they just turned red, but it was a pretty awsome movie...


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voting low

the idea of people making you vote high so they will make more is wrong I agree but the movie needed more work into it, even if I didnt vote high (which I didn't) they probably would make another anyhow they just want to get on the top 50.

For Those of you who are too dense..

This movie sucks, but it's supposed to. It's a statement that alot of the movies here really suck. This is just to prove it. It's not supposed to be pretty or cool for those of you who just like to look at pretty pictures instead of actually using your brain.


personaly i thought it was a hole improvment on the wole dam thing.